“A spectacular shoot that has nothing to envy to the French President’s at Rambouillet”.

Camille Chaumon, President of Lebanon -1952

A unique experience

Santa Clara is a great hunting preserve of wild fauna, where the abundance of animals is the result of their natural breeding during the 19th century when hunting was forbidden. After that, princes, presidents and aristocrats have shot and hunt at this grounds, which houses one the best Perdiz shoots  in the world.

The hunting experience is a tailored stay that includes transfers to and from the Carrasco International Airport (Montevideo), arrangement for hunting and firearms permits, as well as providing an unforgettable stay at the Chateau.

With over thousands of acres of hunting grounds, Santa Clara offers a huge variety of shooting drives at an only 5/15 minute car-distance, with a longer 30 minute-drive in the case of deer hunting.

Hunting outings take place with the personalized assistance of professional gamekeepers who will provide shotguns, cartridges, trained dogs (Brittany, Pointer, Spaniel, Kurzhaar) and everything required for an optimal hunting experience.

Come to Santa Clara and enjoy shooting like a King and hunting like a Gaucho.

The Shoot

Housing one of the best Perdiz shoot in the world, the authorized season is is:

  • Partridges (Perdiz) May 1st – July 31st
  • Hairs May 1st – July 31st
  • Ducks May 1st – August 15th
  • Pigeons All year round

The general hunting timetable includes partridge and hair hunting in the morning. While the afternoon program provides for daily alternation between hunting pigeons in the crop fields and duck shoot in reservoirs, lakes and ponds.

The Hunt

Hunting at Santa Clara is a thrilling challenge, since it includes wild boar and deer, which are wild species that grow in the wilderness of the forests and streams of the Estancia.  

This sport is authorized all year round in our country.

While the deer hunt is more traditional, the wild boar hunting is carried out both through the stationed rifle method, but also the Gaucho style: on horseback with facón (Gaucho knife) and specially trained Dogo Argentino hounds.

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