Food & Dining

“When I started working at Santa Clara as an assistant cook in 1943 I only knew how to make a steak, 15 years later I was opening my own restaurant.”

Tito Gasañol, Former Cook and Butler of Santa Clara.

At Santa Clara its hundred year-old recipes and organic products make of the food a unique experience, that begins in the basement of the house with appetizers and wine tastings in the beautiful wine cellar.

Keeping up with traditions, the Asado will be served in a table built with Pas-de-Calais tiles that covered the dome of the Cathedral of Montevideo until 1946 and the meals prepared in the same fire kitchen for over a century.

Weather permitting; the 18th century Ruins of the Jesuit Greaserias, the first agribusiness in the country, will be the perfect setting to enjoy a barbecue by the river.