Furnished in all its splendour, Santa Clara is dotted with the comforts to satisfy the most demanding bon viveurs”.

Pur-Sang Magazine – 1917

At Santa Clara, the Jackson family will be your host; greeting you like friends and making you feel like home. The warmth of the family and the attention to detail will make your stay unforgettable.

Visitors will stay at one of our guest rooms of the Chateau. The bedrooms are named after family members and famous guests of Santa Clara and are decorated with family furniture that has faithfully witnessed the passing of time.  

Bearing in mind the changing times, all the bedrooms were updated to the 21st century, featuring Air-Conditioning, Wi-Fi and flat screen TVs with satellite connection. Its innovative bathrooms combine the elegance of its unique centenary bathroom fixtures with the functionality of modern bathtubs and ample showers.